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#1 jobenty



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Отправлено 15 Август 2018 - 13:14



Nick: jobenty, lvl: 12.


Can someone help me. I am in prison for 10 days. Reason: n17.


Нарушение правил игры. п17
Стрельба по своим напарникам в команде, выдавание местоположения напарников по команде противнику.
Наказание -- тюрьма на 15000 минут.


But that is not true. I remember what happened in that battle.


In that battle one player give me instruction for my step but that instruction was bad for me (I dont remember nick of that player). I would be dead after that step and I did not play on that way. He told me something about penalty. Then that player was hiding where was no battle. Then I hide myself where was no battle. I did not tell to enemy about my team. I just played to be best for me. Please let me out of jail because i did not do it n17.


Another things about that. Players in my team often  want to give me instruction. But each player gives instructions that would suit him. This resulting in clicking marker everywhere around map. That is so frustrated because when start my turn i have some operations for my turn (For example, Counting Steps, Counting APs, ...).


I played Total Influence for 10 years.my first nick was SkyRider.




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#2 Kilian.2015@mail.ru



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Отправлено 21 Август 2018 - 01:18

Простите я вроде не туда написал жалобу, я 1 й раз и не знаю куда писать

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